1. Johanna Minckton

    Yep, Oct 28th 2015, after 9 years in a lovely job with lovely people ( with the exception of the previous 12 months), a good pension and the 55 birthday looming on the horizon, I became unemployed. Within weeks my Dad passed away, at least not working gave me the gift if sitting with him for days until the end, also helped as he was in Ireland- the time was a complete gift. And that’s how I am taking it now. While I do not have small children to worry about now, there’s always the mortgage, my age, and the fact that I don’t have more than a high school education, I learned all I know at the University of Life. It’s all the uncertainty! I though I would retire in that job- but there you go. I live in Guelph also. My daughter shared your post with me. I believe we will be okay…

  2. Carol

    “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

    Sometimes we just need someone to whisper those thoughts into our ear when the unexpected happens and things that we thought would be, aren’t.

    I am looking forward to seeing what the next chapter holds for you!

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