1. Carol

    I love this garden idea! I can’t wait to see how things progress over the summer. Do you find that the soil dries out more quickly than it might if it were a ground-based garden? Do you have a water barrel closeby?

    • Ruth

      Hey Carol – I don’t find the soil dries out any quicker than my flower gardens in the back which are ground level. The amount of soil may help with retention – the top gets dry but if I dig down a bit the soil is darker and cooler. I wonder if the material used to raise the garden impacts that as well.

      Right now we use a hose from the garage to water them. I put it on soaker setting and secure the handle so that it’s continuous and move it around every 15 minutes or so. However, we’ve just bought a rain barrel and are getting that set up at the side of the house as well.

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