1. Carol

    Good post, Ruth. It is nice to have a little break knowing that you possess a valuable skill set. It would be great to see you in a job that marries your techiness with your mad creative bent.

  2. Life always has a path for us, its how we travel it that counts. I hope you and I will cross paths again someday and work on something inspiring like Techdays. Besides I still owe you a rematch 🙂

    Any organization you end up at will be lucky to have you. Be well and stay connected 🙂

  3. Alan Lukachko

    Congratulations Ruth!!

    Panic and excitement are the appropriate words. When you’re self employed that’s always the way life goes.

    I know you will excel at whatever path you take.

  4. Ricky Day

    Interesting post Ruth, had no idea you had left Microsoft when I added you on LinkedIn. I’m sure the panic will soon disappear and good luck with your job hunting, I’m looking for a complete change of direction next year jobwise as well I’m currently a Microsoft tech geek stuck in a sales role! … The tech expert in me needs freeing! 😉

  5. Ken Lowe

    Quick note to offer support and best wishes Ruth.

    Looking forward to you occassionally showing up at one of the IT groups and letting us know what you really think!

    Cheers to new opportunities my friend.

  6. Ruth

    Thanks Fred! It has been a pleasure working with you too. 🙂 As for the next job…stayed tuned. That announcement will be coming shortly!

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