Learning super secret stuff


I’m at TechReady all this week – an internal conference for Microsoft employees in Seattle, Washington – where I’m learning all sorts of cool stuff. I could tell you about it…but then I’d have to kill you. Or I’d get fired.

The technology sessions are really interesting but to be honest, the best part of coming here are the connections and the things I learn from my fellow colleagues. I can learn the technology other ways but I can’t have the impromptu conversations and chats over drinks without being here in person.

Every year I wonder if it’s going to be worth it – I hate leaving my family and I’m here for 9 days, the longest I’m away from them in consecutive days during the year. But then I get here and start talking to people and the ideas start flowing and the creativity and collaboration starts. It’s a beautiful thing.

Funky propeller pictures

I often take pictures out the window of airplanes. I love how the clouds look from above where the sun is shining no matter how bad the weather is down below. I took these photos from a Dash 8-100 flying from Vancouver to Seattle. How cool do those propellers look? I didn’t do anything special, it’s just how they came out – all funky-like.

All these pictures were taken with my Samsung Focus phone running Windows Phone 7.

propeller picture1

propeller picture2

propeller picture3

our plane

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