Deep Thoughts

Hacking Your Life

MP900387759[1]I was introduced to this concept through my colleague Frederic Harper who heard about it from Fabrice Calando. I did a little digging about and there are actually many people talking about it and doing it. It’s a simple concept that can have deep results. It’s about making changes…small but significant changes…in your life to make it better. It’s about moving towards a goal not through monumental change with most of us can’t sustain anyway, but through small shifts and tweeks. Hacking your life.

Fabrice has set up a challenge for himself and anyone that wants to join him…one hack each week for the next year. So far the challenges have been:

  1. Get rid of excess clothing
  2. Turn off the electronics
  3. Talk to a stranger
  4. Set up a happyness metric

I like where he is going with this and I like that he got me thinking about what could use tweeking in my own life. I’ve recently been working on getting to bed by 10pm so that I can be up at 6am. The boys get up at 7am so this gives me a jump on the day and allows me some quiet morning time for reflection. I haven’t been able to do it every day, but on the mornings I have I really appreciate the time. It’s something I’ll keep doing until it becomes a habit and more normal than abnormal.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the treadmill of life and feel like it’s all you can do to just keep up. What about living purposefully? What is it that I need to be doing now that I will look back on and think: “Yes, that was worth it – that was a good use of my time and my life.”?

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