A smashing Spiderman and Batman craft

Well the boys turned 5 and I don’t know who was more excited about their party – them or me! We had it at a local indoor play centre, Funmazing, that has a piñata pit, so the boys each wanted their own piñata. They cost $25+ each at the store so we decided to make our own – one Spiderman and one Batman. They turned out really well!

How to: Batman and Spiderman Piñatas

First we blew up 2 balloons and I recruited help from Nana and my friend, Barb, to work with the boys covering the balloons in newspaper wet with papier mache paste (2 parts water to 1 part flour).

making pinatasmaking pinatas

It’s helpful to put the balloon in one bowl to work on it and use another bowl for the paste. We did 3 layers, letting each layer dry before starting on the next layer.

We left a hole at the bottom where the balloon poked out. When all the layers were done, I popped the balloon, removed it and then papier mache’d over the hole.

Next, I painted the dried forms white.

painting the pinatas white

I penciled in the lines for the eyes on Spiderman and the eyes and mouth/chin area for Batman. I painted around the white areas and the boys helped fill in the rest with red and blue paint.

painting spiderman and batman pinatas

After 2 coats of red and blue paint, I painted Batman’s lower face with peachy-flesh colour, keeping the mouth white. I used a black sharpie to outline the eyes, draw Spidey’s web, and give shape to Batman’s mouth.

Spiderman looked great but Batman was missing something, so I cut out some ears for him and taped them to the top of his head.

Almost done the pinatas

Adding ears to Batman

Looking good, Batman!!

Batman is complete

You too, Spidey!Spidey!The back of Spiderman's head

Remember I told you I’d papier mache’d over the hole at the bottom where I popped and pulled the balloon from? Well, to get the candy in there, I used an exactor knife to cut a trapdoor in the top and then poked a hole on either site to attach a ribbon to hang it from.

trap door in the top of Spiderman's head

Ribbon attached

Dynamic duo

Next time I’d try to figure out a way to attach the ribbon better – in the end, although both held up to a lot of abuse, the tops where I had attached the ribbon gave away first.

Swinging at Spidey

Beating up Batman

Candy, candy, candy!


Never have I been so satisfied to see my art work destroyed. Smile

Dynamic duo...done.

A shot of optimism in amongst all the negative crap

I know this YouTube video has been plastered all over the web since it was first posted almost a year ago, but it’s one that I never get tired of watching. In fact, I watched it again tonight and currently have tears and mascara dripping down my face.

I’m posting it here on my blog because it’s such a creative, positive, love-filled video and there are so many negative things going on in the world. I’m posting it here for selfish reasons really – so I don’t have to go far to watch it again and get a boost of uplifting optimism whenever needed.

Even if you’ve seen it before, take a minute, make the video full screen and watch it all over again. If this is your first time…well, crawl out from under that rock and enjoy – it’s gonna knock your socks off!

Here it is…Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal to Amy…

One man’s junk is another (wo)man’s treasure

I’ve written before about trying to rediscover my creative side and I’ve done that by picking up some of the projects I planned years ago but never got around to doing. One such project was an old wooden table lamp that I’d always planned on painting and re-wiring. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures until I’d already removed the electrical wiring and sanded most of it down but thankfully before I started painting.

As it is with most project, once you start there are always some surprises. Much to my delight, once I took the lamp stand apart, I discovered the lamp was made up of 4 separate wooden pieces. I decided to paint each a different colour (blue for the base, then black, pink and finally orange for the top piece) and then paint designs on each that would tie the piece together once I re-constructed it.

I choose the bright colours because I really wanted to make something that would make me smile when I looked at it and this certainly does the trick. I love it!


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