Life after Microsoft

I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing people at Microsoft. It’s a company that attracts top notch people who are passionate about technology and I’m grateful for the experiences and opportunities I’ve had over the past 6 years. However, nothing lasts forever and a number of changes within the company have meant that me and Microsoft are no longer a good fit.

It’s now been over a week since I entered the Microsoft office for the last time as an employee. I’ve been fairly quiet on my social networks since then, being totally selfish and taking time for me and my family. It’s been refreshing to have time to bake with the boys, cook a few real meals that didn’t involve frozen fish sticks, work out and read for pleasure. All the stresses and pressures, particularly from the past few months, have rapidly dissipated.

The first day post-Microsoft, my feelings alternated between excitement and panic. I’d be totally jazzed planning what might come next and then get this gut-wrenching feeling of terror that my career was over. However, by day 2, the grapevine had done it’s work and people started contacting me. Some simply to find out what happened, to express their feelings and to establish a connection. Others to inquire about next steps in my career now that I am available.

I feel I have a unique opportunity – time to think about where I want to go next and plan accordingly without the distraction of a job or the pressure of looking while being secretive. I’ve got some great experience under my belt with a solid technical background complemented by sound presentation and communication skills along with good connections within the IT community. I’ll be seeking a technical sales role, however, I also realize there may be a role within company I haven’t thought of that would be a good fit. I mean, who would of thought there would be such a thing as an IT Pro Evangelist? I certainly didn’t before I joined the team at Microsoft.

For those wanting to know how to reach me, my personal email address is [UPDATED EMAIL]

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  1. Carol Reply

    Good post, Ruth. It is nice to have a little break knowing that you possess a valuable skill set. It would be great to see you in a job that marries your techiness with your mad creative bent.

    • Ruth Reply

      Thanks, Carol!

  2. Anthony Bartolo Reply

    Life always has a path for us, its how we travel it that counts. I hope you and I will cross paths again someday and work on something inspiring like Techdays. Besides I still owe you a rematch 🙂

    Any organization you end up at will be lucky to have you. Be well and stay connected 🙂

    • Ruth Reply

      Thanks for your kind word, Anthony! And yes you do owe me a rematch, so be prepared as I’ve been practicing. 🙂

  3. Alan Lukachko Reply

    Congratulations Ruth!!

    Panic and excitement are the appropriate words. When you’re self employed that’s always the way life goes.

    I know you will excel at whatever path you take.

  4. Margaret Reply

    Congratulations Ruth on exciting next steps. Funny how the grapevine works…quickly!
    Time for a coffee I think!

  5. lesley Reply

    Good luck to you Ruth — I am sure there are even more great things just around the corner. Stay in touch!!!

  6. Ricky Day Reply

    Interesting post Ruth, had no idea you had left Microsoft when I added you on LinkedIn. I’m sure the panic will soon disappear and good luck with your job hunting, I’m looking for a complete change of direction next year jobwise as well I’m currently a Microsoft tech geek stuck in a sales role! … The tech expert in me needs freeing! 😉

  7. Ken Lowe Reply

    Quick note to offer support and best wishes Ruth.

    Looking forward to you occassionally showing up at one of the IT groups and letting us know what you really think!

    Cheers to new opportunities my friend.

  8. Ruth Reply

    Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement and support!

  9. Frédéric Harper Reply

    It has been a pleasure to work with you. I wish you all the best for your next job!

  10. Ruth Reply

    Thanks Fred! It has been a pleasure working with you too. 🙂 As for the next job…stayed tuned. That announcement will be coming shortly!

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