One man’s junk is another (wo)man’s treasure

I’ve written before about trying to rediscover my creative side and I’ve done that by picking up some of the projects I planned years ago but never got around to doing. One such project was an old wooden table lamp that I’d always planned on painting and re-wiring. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures until I’d already removed the electrical wiring and sanded most of it down but thankfully before I started painting.

As it is with most project, once you start there are always some surprises. Much to my delight, once I took the lamp stand apart, I discovered the lamp was made up of 4 separate wooden pieces. I decided to paint each a different colour (blue for the base, then black, pink and finally orange for the top piece) and then paint designs on each that would tie the piece together once I re-constructed it.

I choose the bright colours because I really wanted to make something that would make me smile when I looked at it and this certainly does the trick. I love it!


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