Funky propeller pictures

I often take pictures out the window of airplanes. I love how the clouds look from above where the sun is shining no matter how bad the weather is down below. I took these photos from a Dash 8-100 flying from Vancouver to Seattle. How cool do those propellers look? I didn’t do anything special, it’s just how they came out – all funky-like.

All these pictures were taken with my Samsung Focus phone running Windows Phone 7.

propeller picture1

propeller picture2

propeller picture3

our plane

2 Responses to Funky propeller pictures
  1. Kimi Reply

    I love the propeller photos!
    They would look so cool in black and white in an airplane themed room!
    Thanks for sharing them!

    • admin Reply

      My first comment ever – whoo hooo! 🙂
      Thanks Kimi! That’s a really good idea – I might start playing around with them and do just that.


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